Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is a 14-member group (15, if the Archbishop of Canterbury is present, as he is an ex officio member, as well as being its President). Seven of its members are elected by the members of the ACC, and five are members of the Primates' Standing Committee. The other two members are the Chair and Vice-Chair of the ACC, elected by the members in plenary session. Their function is together to assist the Churches of the Anglican Communion in advancing the work of their mission worldwide.



Current News Items

Days 2 - 4 of the Standing Committee, members heard reports on the Bible in the Life of the Church project, ACC-16, knowledge and information management, Unity, Faith & Order, and Ecumenical Dialogues.

Day 1 of the Standing Committee meeting featured presentations from the ACO's Mission Cluster and the Secretary General

Anglican Communion members are being asked for their thoughts on the ministry priorities and qualities of the next Secretary General.

The final day included presentations on Bible in the Life of the Church Project, the ecumenical dialogues of the Anglican Communion, Unity, Faith and Order issues and the Anglican Communion’s Legal Advisers Network.

A day primarily looking at the mission and work of the Anglican Communion

Day one and two of the Standing Committee meeting.

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