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The characteristic Anglican way of living with a constant dynamic interplay of Scripture, tradition and reason means that the mind of God has constantly to be discerned afresh, not only in every age, but in each and every context.
Virginia Report 3.11

The resources produced by the hubs will provide a range of materials, diverse in topic and focused on mission, to enable the formation of conversations. This will include pre-conversation materials to aid dioceses in their preparations. These resources will be published as online material, workbooks, and other publications. The Hubs will produce both theological and process resources.

Theological Resources - Resource Hubs will seek to engage theologians in discussing and developing the consensus model in terms which are Anglican. Their geographic diversity will enable a diversity of cultural perspectives to enliven and enrich the process. It is hoped that this will ensure that the process is not dominated by any one cultural identity. (More information on the Anglican Way is available here).

Process Resources - Process resources will be developed to offer materials on how the conversation will work on a practical level. This will include reflections on cultural context with a view to what makes it a Christian process. 

The Resources

Please use the criteria below to explore the resources produced by the hubs.

 Njung'wa Theology French translation Spanish translation

Author: Ven. Dr. Ndung�u Ikenye    Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: Agikuyu, Kikuyu, community, elders, debate,

A Kikuyu System for Conversation and Healing of Community

 Models of conflict resolution from the Pentateuch and the Ane

Author: Dr. Zebedi A. Muga   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: Pentateuch, Biblical, studies, Old Testament, conflict, resolution,

Aspects of Pentateuchal Indaba and resolutions from selected readings.

 Conflict and African Spirituality AGIKUYU perspective

Author: Rev. Dr. Sammy Githuku   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: conflict, African, Spirituality, resolution,

Human blood is heavy, and hinders the one who has shed it from fleeing

 Conflict resolution

Author: Rev John Mark Oduor   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: conflict, resolution, African, Spirituality, drums, drumbeat, Luo, Baraza,

The Luo drumbeat for the Baraza model

 A Theological Discourse on Cultural Hermeneutics

Author: Rev. Philip Agik   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: Cultural, heremenutics, conflict, resolution,

Its Implications on Conflict Resolution- Some Insight for the Indaba Consultation

 Flight - Beginning of the Listening Process French translation Spanish translation

Author: Rev. Dr. Emily Awino Onyango   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: Biblical, studies, Old Testament, Hager, Sarah,

A study of the encounter between Hagar and Sarah

 Peace, Not as the World Gives French translation Spanish translation

Author: Rev C B Peter   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: Biblical, studies, Old Testament, new, conflict, resolution,

Biblical Models for Conflict Resolution

 Collection for the Saints in Jerusalem

Author: Rev Robinson Kariuki Mwangi   Date Added: Apr-10    Keywords: money, Biblical, bible, Paul,

A paradigm for church partnership in the 21st century

 Equipping for God�s Mission

Author: Ian T. Douglas   Date Added: Jan-09    Keywords: Lambeth, Conference, Mission, Indaba, hope, solutions,

Ian T. Douglas, a member of the design group, reflects on the Missiological imperatives, process, content and implications of Indaba at the 2008 Lambeth Conference. He draws out positive and negative reflections from both the Bishops present and those who did not attend and concludes that although issues were not solved relationships were strengthened and mutual hope for a way forward identified.

 Anglicans and Reconciling Mission

Author: Mark Oxbrow Mark Oxbrow   Date Added: Jan-09    Keywords: Lambeth, Conference, Mission, GAFCON, hope,

Mark Oxbrow looks at Missional Anglicanism in the light of GAFCON and Lambeth 2008 and sees rays of hope for the Anglican Communion.

 Essence of Indaba

Author: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba   Date Added: Jul-08    Keywords: Lambeth, Conference, African, tradition,

These reflections on Indaba were initiated by The Most Rev Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town and a member of the Lambeth Conference Design Group. The reflections consider the relationship between Indaba in the African tradition and the expectations for the Lambeth Conference.

 Indaba - A Southern African Concept

Author: Bishop Ebenezar Ntlali Bishop Ebenezar Ntlali Bishop Ebenezar Ntlali   Date Added: Jul-10    Keywords: Indaba, Ubuntu, council,

Bishop Ebenezar explains the context of Indaba and Ubuntu and how they might be used and adapted for God's mission in the church.

 Message to ACC XIV

Author: Rt Rev Alfred C. Reid   Date Added: Jul-10    Keywords: Conference,

Bishop Reid welcomed the delegates to the fourteenth Anglican Consultative Council inviting all to work together to intentionally to overcome the tendency to become isolated, insular and introverted.