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Welcome to the Anglican Witness: evangelism and Church growth initiative of the Anglican Communion - If you are reading this newsletter you must be connected in some ways to the Evangelism and Church Growth Initiative of the Anglican Communion called Anglican Witness; whether you heard about it from a friend, read about it on the website, or are registered as a member, welcome!

ECGI Newsletter

The July 2014 edition of Witness6.7 has an emphasis upon discipleship and work with youth and children. stories from West Malaysia, DR Congo, South Asia, Southern Africa and England.


ECGI Newsletter

The April 2014 edition of Witness6.7 includes material from: Canada, England, Melanesia, Southern Africa and the USA. Much of the material relates to 'witness in a rapidly changing world', and other material features work with young people.


ECGI Newsletter

The January 2014 edition of Witness6.7 includes material about: evangelism from the USA and England; church planting from Ireland; mission from a minority faith perspective in Pakistan; discipleship from Nigeria; the essential ministries of the church from Malaysia.


ECGI Newsletter

This edition of Witness6.7 includes material about evangelism and reconciliation, including articles from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Burundi and Canada as well stories about discipleship from Argentina and Zambia and material about young people from Brazil and England.


ECGI Newsletter

This edition of Witness6.7 includes material about children and young people and also discipleship; the stories are from England, Zambia, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia and Peru, as well as a book review and an established Anglican discipleship resource.


ECGI Newsletter

Society and culture in many parts of the world are changing rapidly. The Church, if it is to remain relevant and capable of being heard in a changing society, needs to be able to change its own culture. The May 2013 edition of Witness6.7 is on the theme of The Changing Culture of Church. The way in which the culture of Church is changing is illustrated through stories from Brazil, Canada, England, Ireland and the Philippines. There is also a definition of discipleship and a report and update from the recent Anglican Witness core group meeting.


ECGI Newsletter

The February 2013 edition of Witness6.7 is on the theme of Unengaged Peoples�. It includes stories of creative ways of witnessing to different groups that have often been neglected or ignored by the church. The stories come from Australia, Canada, England, Madagascar and New Zealand.


ECGI Newsletter

The December 2012 edition of Witness6.7 is on the theme of evangelism through hospitality. Edited by Bishop Moon Hing Ng, the Deputy Convenor of Anglican Witness:ECGI, It includes stories from his own diocese of West Malaysia, as well as Burundi, Canada, England, Philippines and Southern Africa. There is also a brief report about the mission presentations at ACC 15 in Auckland, New Zealand.


ECGI Newsletter

The October 2012 edition of Witness6.7 focuses on Prayer and Spiritual Formation. It features stories from Canada, Nigeria, West Malaysia, and Pakistan as well as some general articles.


ECGI Newsletter

The August 2012 edition of Witness6.7 focuses on Church Planting. It features interesting articles and stories from Canada, Chile, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Togo and Zambia.


ECGI Newsletter

The June 2012 edition of Witness6.7 focuses on work with children and young people. It features a diverse collection of articles and material from Africa, Australia, Brazil, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, the United States and West Malaysia.


ECGI Newsletter

Much of the April 2012 edition of Witness6.7 comes out of the ECGI core group meeting that took place in Kenya in March 2012, including two stories and two personal reflections, as well as some information about the outcomes of the meeting


ECGI Newsletter The January 2012 edition of Witness6.7, offers stories from Burundi, Canada, Chile, England, India, Madagascar, Mozambique and the US.



ECGI Newsletter The December 2011 edition of Witness6.7, an eight page thematic edition on Discipleship, brings together discipleship stories and resources from a variety of different countries and contexts.



ECGI Newsletter The October 2011 edition of Witness6.7 mentions the launch of Anglican Witness, the ECGI facebook group, and includes stories from Brazil, the Solomon Islands, Burundi, Nigeria and a new resource from Church Army UK.



ECGI Newsletter The August 2011 edition of Witness6.7 includes stories from Zambia, South Africa, Ireland, the West Indies and Vanuatu and some thoughts on How people come to faith, as well a web-links to other articles, material and resources.



ECGI Newsletter The June 2011 edition of Witness6.7 is written on the theme of 'How Anglicans share their faith'. In bringing together a diverse range of stories from around the Communion this edition of the Evangelism and Church Growth Initiative newsletter tries to explore some of the underlying strands within Anglican evangelism.



ECGI Newsletter Welcome to Witness6.7, which is the new name for the ECGI newsletter. This newsletter particularly focuses on what came out of the recent ECGI core group meeting in Kula Lumpur and explains the new title and some of the other exciting initiatives that came out of this meeting. It also includes an article from the Diocese of Bethlehem: Kajo Keji in Sudan.



ECGI Newsletter This newsletter includes an Advent message from our convenor, Bishop Patrick Yu and stories from Argentina, Australia, England and Madagascar as well as reports from conferences in Pakistan and South Africa; it also mentions some books and resources and includes the regular features of Prayer Board and how to get involved.



ECGI Newsletter Welcome to the 3rd edition of the ECGI Newsletter. The newsletter includes an article from the Archbishop of Canterbury about a 'mixed economy' church as well as articles from: Kenya about Cathedral worship; Canada about using research for church growth; South West Tanzania about holistic mission; Ireland about transforming clergy training; Zambia about growing youth ministry. It also includes the regular features of a Book Review, Prayer Board and how to get involved.



ECGI Newsletter Welcome to the 2nd edition of the ECGI Newsletter I trust that you are as excited as I am about this possibility and the opportunity to enable collaboration around the Anglican Communion in this very important aspect of Mission. There is no doubt about the various evangelism and church growth initiatives going on in our churches, as now evidenced by the stories being shared through this newsletter. These and many unpublished stories reveal what God is doing through women and men, young people and adults, who have committed themselves, their skills and resources for the sake of the Gospel.

I must point out that ECGI is not simply about growing church in terms of numbers of church buildings or indeed church attendance, it is concerned both about "quantity" and "quality"! As Archbishop David Vunagi of the Province of Melanesia said to me recently, "we have no problem with numbers in Melanesia, but we have a challenge in terms of people understanding why they go to Church. That is our task now, that is where we need support!"

Just as there are a variety of evangelism and church growth initiatives, there are also a variety of resources around the Anglican Communion and among our ecumenical partners, which we wish to make available to all who may need. It is therefore important that you share with us or with a Core Group member in your region any resource that you know would benefit others. It is one of the ways we can be of mutual support to one another in God�s mission.

I pray that as you read this newsletter you will be enriched and inspired in your own life and ministry by the experience of others. But I also trust that you will be able to share yours or the experience of those you know involved in evangelism and church growth work in your context or elsewhere.

May God bless your ministry!
John K. Kafwanka (Revd) Director for Mission - Anglican Communion Office


ECGI Newsletter This newsletter is a modest beginning; however, like the mustard seed of the Gospel, it has the potential, in God, to grow large.  ECGI is the response to the great interest of the Lambeth Conference 2008 in evangelism and church growth throughout the communion, and the need for collaboration.  Following the ACC resolution in May 2009, the Secretary General called together a very small core which had its first meeting in Woking (UK) from 11—15 January 2010.

We are a very small core group. The only way this initiative can move forward is to work with you, not for you.

This first issue is a foretaste of things to come with articles about how evangelism and church growth is taking place in a variety of contexts. Please send your own stories, books and resources for future issues. Also, pray for evangelism and church growth throughout the world, and this Initiative. Pray that, as resources become available, we will be able to grow the website, and expand this quarterly newsletter into a journal for evangelism and church growth.

Bp Patrick Yu, Convener