Theological Education - The Bible in the Life of the Church

Lent Course

And it was good …… is a five-session course designed for use during Lent 2012. It arose out of the Bible in the Life of the Church project details of which can be seen on the other web pages in this section. The material can be used both by groups or individuals, though it has primarily been designed for use by groups.

The themes of the five sessions are:

  • The hope of something new (exploring Isaiah 11:1-9 and Mark 1:9-15)
  • The place of humanity in the created order (exploring Genesis 1-2 and Jeremiah 4:11-28)
  • Jesus – the centre and heart of all creation (exploring Colossians 1:9-29 and Mark 4:30-41)
  • Creation blesses the Lord (exploring Psalm 104 and the Benedicite, the Song of the Three Young Men)
  • Creation groans in painful hope (exploring Romans 8:12-27 and 2 Peter 3:1-13)

Each session contains:

  • Bible Exploration of one or two biblical passages related to aspects of creation.
  • Reflection on how our understanding can be deepened by the experiences of Anglican Christians throughout the world.
  • Reading the Bible with Anglicans around the world, reflecting on what our exploration suggests about the ways other Anglicans read the Bible.
  • Questions for discussion
  • Sharing our insights with other Anglicans
  • Closing prayer

The course will be available in two forms:

  • As a downloadable resource that can be printed - free of charge - from this website. All the five weekly files are available below as are a series of 'Participants Sheets' that offer group members information of the passages for each week and the discussion questions
  • As a booklet that can be purchased from the following:

    The Anglican Communion website On-line Bookshop [Price £1 or $1.60 plus postage]

    St John's Books, Freemantle, Western Australia. [Apply for costs from St John's]
    E mail: or