Theological Education - The Bible in the Life of the Church

Bible Survey

As part of the Bible in the Life of the Church project we are undertaking a survey of how Anglicans/Episcopalians in different parts of the Communion engage with the Bible. The survey invites you to fill out a short questionnaire that is available either on-line or in a downloadable paper version. The on-line version of the questionnaire can be found at:

As well as individual responses we are also inviting congregations to fill in the questionnaire and then explore some of issues relating to the way we engage with Scripture that lie behind the survey.

If your congregation is interested then download the two ‘Guidance Notes’ files below. The Study Notes file offers suggestions for a five-session course that explores the issues raised by the questionnaire.

Questionnaires [PDF]

Questionnaires [Word]

Guidance Notes

Study Notes

Personal influences exercise