Theological Education Resources

Throughout its life and work TEAC has had a particular interest and concern for improving the teaching of ‘The Anglican Way’ in theological education. Information about its work can be found in the department's report to the Anglican Consultative Council in 2019.


What do Anglicans Believe?
A Study Guide to Christian Doctrine from Anglican and Ecumenical Statements

An interactive guide to Christian doctrine, based on Anglican and ecumenical statements, is available here. Taking advantage of the availability of official statements on various websites, this concise and well grounded introduction to the nature of doctrine, the Creeds and the doctrine of the Church has been written for use in home groups, study programmes, seminaries and theological colleges across the Anglican Communion. It has been produced by members of the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order (IASCUFO) working in partnership with TEAC.





What do Anglicans Believe?
A Study Guide to Christian Doctrine from Anglican and Ecumenical Statements

En quoi croient les Anglicans?
Un guide d'étude pour la Doctrine Chrétienne à partir de Déclarations Anglicanes et Œcuméniques

En qué creen los Anglicanos?
Una Guía de Estudio para la Doctrina Cristiana a partir de las Declaraciones Anglicanas y Ecuménicas

Em que os Anglicanos Acreditam?
Um Guia de Estudo para a Doutrina Cristã a partir de Declarações Anglicanas e Ecumênicas

Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion

TEAC is helping to prepare the Anglican Communion for the Lambeth Conference in 2022 by taking on and completing the Mission Theology in the Anglican  Communion project. This project has organised three intercontinental conferences of global South theologians.

TEAC has now published the conference books which are on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s three priorities of reconciliation, evangelism and the renewal of prayer and the religious life.  The first two books – on reconciliation and evangelism - were launched at ACC17 in Hong Kong in April 2019. The third - on the renewal of prayer and the religious life - was published in early 2020 as an ebook.

The Bible in the Life of the Church

Bible in the Life of the Church or BILC seeks to help us engage more deeply with the Bible through gathering together a tool-box of educational resources. The contents of the tool-box come from all over the Anglican Communion and are designed to help everyone from provinces, dioceses, congregations, small groups and individuals deepen their understanding of the Bible.

Gender Justice study materials

These study materials offer perspectives from a diverse international group of Anglican theologians and have been developed to make them suitable for adaptation to multiple contexts. Their reflections invite critique and conversation that is best undertaken within a respectful, theological community. It will be important to explore and contextualise the language and terminology used as part of the learning process.

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Globethics Foundation

Colleges of the Anglican Communion have membership of the Globethics Foundation through the Anglican Consultative Council. The online library has more than 10,000 theological texts free to download. The Foundation can also provide online facilitation for workgroups and online teaching tools.

Guide to books on Anglicanism

Here is a guide to recently published books on Anglican history, with thanks to Dr Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook.


Web resources

On the Project Canterbury website  you will find a wide range of references and resources linked to many figures in the history of Anglicanism.

Our page of theological resources also gives a number of references to helpful material linked to various aspects of Anglican studies e.g. liturgy, doctrine, history.